Do you want to stay in regular communication with your customers?

It is vital that modern businesses and brands communicate with their customers. The more you can learn from your customers, the better your service offerings. Our clients can be sure that their future communications are on-brand, reactive and act as an extension to their website.

Email campaigns
A very cost effective way to stay in regular communication with your customers is personalised HTML emailing with designated landing pages. We have sent over 2 million HTML emails and counting, so we have the experience to make email communications count.

The reason HTML emails are so valuable is that every interaction can be tracked. The reporting available will offer information and insight on who has opened it, clicked on it, where have they clicked through to, where did they drop off, what date and time they opened the communication, on what device, where they were etc. This information is packaged up to explain the effectiveness of a campaign and how tweaks and alterations could be improved and optimised for next time. So every client can quantify how successful our digital campaigns have been in terms of ROI.